Our Story

It all started when I spent a lot of time abroad for school, mostly in South Korea.

The hundreds of km stretching away between my family and I makes me miss them all the time! Yes, we have intense communication, but I think 'meet' is the most powerful thing to resolve my longing.

So you know what I do when I miss them? I remember childhood memories when I was surrounded by the people I love and did various exciting activities together. It can heal my longing a little!

From there, I realized those good memories of childhood are essential things that every child should have! It's something we can remember until we get old :)

When my little family is blessed with two adorable children, my husband and I become increasingly aware of time and family values. Just like all parents, we also try to provide the best for them, including playing time. We looked for more and more until finally, we found handy toys for our child's growth.

kkomajigu commercial video

The difficulty of finding suitable toys made us think that maybe it wasn't just us who got into this problem, but other parents too. Through this, we built relationships with well-known toy brands in South Korea. We had a long discussion, kept looking for the best, and finally planning to open our beloved shop.

Why South Korea? Living there for many years made me fall in love with their country. Not only beautiful, but the products from their country are also made of excellent quality and very safe, especially in toys. Their toys can fulfill our love for aesthetic things too!

Yes! It really makes me excited to introduce these various toys to every parent in my hometown country, Indonesia, with our brand Kkomajigu.

Kkomajigu means "Kid's earth" and we use houses with sun for our logo. And It's not just a logo.  More than that, the meaning of a house with the sun is that we believe a warm home is the best place full of stories where many people start something there with loved ones, Kkomajigu is committed to being a part of it!

We want to make home like an earth for kids and together we can make special bonding with your little ones, and make the process of parenting more fun and precious!

Hope you enjoy our toys as much as we do because its more than just a toys, We really hope that we all can learn together making special bonding with our special ones and also give a wonderful childhood for our little ones.

With love,